Unfortunately with the warmer weather comes bed bugs proliferating in our homes. It was documented that there is an increase in the number of bed bugs in North America, Australia, and even South Asian countries like Indonesia and the Philippines in these upcoming warmer months. It is an ongoing problem even in private residences and with businesses such as condominiums and hotels. So, given this problem, what really attracts bed bugs into our households?

A Prime Environment for Proliferating: 

There are a multitude of factors to consider when asking what is it that attracts bed bugs to our homes, but to put it in one word, “environment”. The perfect living condition is what allows bed bugs to procreate and infest our households. Bed bugs are typically found in the bedroom, specifically in the mattresses, pillows, and can even be found underneath of the bed. They can also be found in a variety of other places such as couches, chairs, and carpets. But thrive in the bedroom. Why is this the case?

First things first, bed bugs feed on blood, which can be from humans or other animals. Since you are asleep, it is easy for them to feed, since you are indisposed. In short, your bedroom becomes their feeding ground. The proof can be seen from the bite marks you have when you wake up in the morning.

On top of this, if your bedroom is a bit messy, it can provide the bugs with plenty of space to hide. Having piles of things like dirty laundry can also provide the bugs with heat that is essential for them to thrive (typically around 65° and 85° F).

Possible Solutions:

To rid your home of these pests, you first should identify and examine the spots where the bugs may be hiding. Several products can exterminate them, such as different sprays and aerosols. However, you may need to also to declutter your bedroom and the other parts of the house to remove any circumstances in which these bugs can thrive. If all else fails, ask the help of an expert so they can treat it efficiently and effectively and avoid the return of these nasty creatures.

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