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A-1 Able Pest Doctors Eco-Green Products

You’ve heard of “eco-friendly” before. This means we provide services that use minimal environmental impact and materials. We’ve used green products for decades, including our:

  1. “Low” to “No” impact and botanical insecticides such as silica powder, diatoms, pyrethrins from mums, citruscides from oranges and lemons – borates – pheromone traps and bacillus thuringensis (BT), a biological pesticide.
  2. Mechanical Alterations – Caulking cracks, eliminating harborage, repair of entry points.
  3. Growth Regulators – Non-insecticidal material that disrupts insect maturation and prevents reproduction.
  4. Mechanical Traps – Non-toxic curiosity traps for flying insects, food attractant traps (bees and wasps)
  5. Recent “Miracle Products” – These products have low mammalian toxicity and low environment impact yet have highly effective insecticidal value.  They have Imidacloprid and Fipronil as active ingredients.
  6. Mechanical Devices – Vacuums, steamers, high-pressure sprayers, heat treatments.

Facts About Our Eco-Green Pest Control Products

  • A-1 Able Pest Doctors Eco-Green Pest Control means absolute guaranteed pest control results without damaging or diminishing your living environment.
  • Our Eco-Green Pest Control services and products are cost effective and often times cost less than other traditional treatment methods.
  • A-1 Able Pest Doctors Eco-Green Products are available at our retail stores!
  • We provide 100% Free Inspections for pest identification and treatment solutions
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