Insects & Pests

Insects and Pests

Every day thousands of homes and businesses in the Greater Miami Valley and surrounding Ohio cities need pest management services

You Need More Than Pest Control

A-1 Able Pest Doctors works to identify the pest problem on your property. Our technicians have stopped pests from entering residential and commercial sites. From there, we immediately seek out the causes of the pest infestation. These causes could be poor sanitation, structural repairs that are needed and removal of external and internal harborage sites such as clutter, log piles and debris.

As a whole, A-1 Able is extremely conscious of your home’s health as well as your health. We use only top-notch, non-odorous products. These products are human-friendly and yet highly effective materials for our pest management services. Once we’ve identified the areas that need corrected, we apply the products. You will always get a written service plan denoting all procedures for a pest free environment.

You’ll find no other company using more comprehensive methods to rid your home or business of vermin pests. We use products based in science to stop pests in their tracks and prevent them from coming back in the future. Our proven methods are backed from university learning and training.

Don’t just get pest control…get total pest management! We give our customers complete peace of mind that their residential or commercial property will be managed.

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technician treats a house as part of our pest management services

Our Pest Management Services Include a Wide Range of Insects and Pests

We’ve helped many homes and businesses across the Miami Valley stay pest free. We treat for the following pests:


Bed Bugs




Stink Bugs

Stinging Insects




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