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We are constantly monitoring the latest and most current news on developments in and about the Pest Management Industry. We review comments and studies from such luminaries of the Industry as Dr. Bobby Corrigan, Dr. Larry Pinto and Dr. Austin Frishman. In addition we monitor input from; The National Pest Management Association, Ohio Pest Control Association, and The Kentucky Pest Control Association. Our informational resources include; The Ohio State University, University of Kentucky, Purdue University, and Cornell University just to cite a few of our renowned learning institutions.

Why Bed Bugs Keep Coming Back

Why Bed Bugs Keep Coming Back

Nothing could give you heebie-jeebies more than the thought that you’re sharing your bed with a bed bug! But bed bugs aren’t just found in your bed. There can be bed bugs in your closet, bed bugs in your luggage, bed bugs under your carpet...they can virtually be...

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Fumigation – Frequently Asked Questions

A treatment of Vikane® gas fumigant penetrates all voids of a home, including deep behind walls and in bedding and upholstered furniture. In contrast, an insecticide treatment may not reach deep into those areas where bedbugs live or in items that cannot be treated, such as televisions and computers. (

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What Exactly Is Fumigation?

Let’s start with: Fumigation occurs when an inorganic gas called sulfuryl fluoride (originally marketed under the name Vikane®) is pumped into an enclosed, sealed space stuffed with your household items. In a controlled environment, the gas replaces the oxygen, and penetrates into bed bugs and their eggs which suffocate and die. Used by qualified professionals, Vikane® bed bugs—from just a few pieces of furniture, bedding or other household goods, to an entire home or building with its contents in place.

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D.I.Y. Rental Truck Fumigation program

Only licensed and trained pest control professionals can purchase and use Vikane® gas fumigant. HOWEVER, you don’t have to hire professionals to pack your stuff or load it into a sealed truck or other container: A-1 Able Pest Doctors recently launched a “D.I.Y.” rental truck fumigation program that costs about 50-60% less than hiring packers and movers.

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Chemical Treatment

A residential chemical treatment includes an initial chemical application, a follow up treatment at (2) weeks, and a follow up treatment at (6) weeks.

This approach is an ongoing process with an approximate effective rate of 80-85% following the initial (3) treatments. Ongoing monthly services are highly recommended when using a chemical approach. There is a good deal of preparation work that goes into preparing one’s home for this service and the success rate is highly effected by how efficiently one preps their home. Bottle of anti bed bug detergent on table in bedroom

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Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs

A heat service is the process of providing a controlled application of heated air into the home not exceeding 135 degrees.

Temperatures are monitored from a remote location using wireless sensors ensuring heat levels are maintained at the lethal level.  High temperature fans move the heated air throughout the space ensuring lethal levels reach cracks and crevices and high infestation zones.  Following the heat application, technicians will also provide a chemical application in order to leave a lasting residual in place. There is good deal of preparation work that is needed for this service as well and the quality of the prep will also effect the success of the service. This service includes a 30 day follow up inspection and offers a 90-95% effective rate.

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Fumigation Treatment Service

Vikane fumigant is the most effective eradication method we offer. It is a (2) day process, and requires very little prep from the client.

Special Nylofume bags are provided to the client to secure certain food items, pilot light/gas off, people and pets out of the home for approx. 36 hours and in most cases, prep is complete. The active ingredient is sulfuryl fluoride. This trusted and effective fumigant offers the highest kill rate due to its ability to penetrate walls and furniture in a manner other methods simply cannot offer.  Extensive safety precautions and application regulations assure the client of a safe and successful treatment with no adverse health or structural complications. Vikane fumigant offers a 99.9% effective rate due to its unique penetration abilities.  A 30 day follow up inspection is provided.

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Determining the BEST Option

The first step in any bedbug service is a free estimate if activity is found in the home. Every situation and structure is unique and requires an assessment by one of our licensed and trained inspectors in order to determine which service technique is best suited for each situation.

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Weary of Washing and Vacuuming? Here’s a Method Proven to Bid Bedbugs Bye-Bye

We’ve talked before about avoiding bedbugs, but what do you do when you already have them? It may seem a little silly, but the first step is admitting you have a problem. Despite their prevalence in Ohio and elsewhere, the fact is, it’s a little embarrassing admitting you have bed bugs

There’s no good reason for this, of course. Getting bed bugs has nothing to do with your house being dirty or personal cleanliness. Bed bugs are simply a scourge—hitchhiking into your home from luggage you’ve brought back from a hotel, the backpack your child carries to school, or even clothes you’ve worn in a taxicab.

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