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Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

The brown marmorated stink bug has been recently introduced in Ohio and eats plants and vegetables. The word marmorated describes the checkered appearance of the perimeter of the chest as viewed from above. The stink bug invades buildings in massive numbers and crawls throughout the living area. When killed, they emit a foul rotting smell that permeates the home. The bug can be safely removed with a tissue or by flushing them down the toilet. If there is an excessive number of stink bugs in the home, they can be vacuumed and emptied into a plastic bag.

When you take part in our Alltra Pest Management Services, we’ll work at stink bug removal and make sure stink bugs don’t come back. With our stink bug removal services, we look at the conditions of space to see if there’s a reason that stink bugs have entered your space. Our service technicians will work with you to correct those conditions and work to stop stink bugs from coming inside in the future.

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