Pest Prevention

What If The Pest Comes Back?  A-1 Able Pest Doctors Offers Pest Prevention Services 

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We offer some of the best pest control services available. Our company has more than 85 years of experience and provide the highest quality training for our professionals. We are engineered to go after bugs and pests like there’s no tomorrow. As a company, we offer general pest control services and specialized treatments for more than 100 types of pests. Some services require an inspection first to ensure that we give you accurate pricing. This includes treatments for termites, rodents, bed bugs, and bees. For these services, our professionals can treat your home on a day after the day of the inspection.

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Pest Prevention

The A-1 Able Pest Prevention Program is an effective, convenient, affordable, and environmentally responsible model. Unlike other pest control companies, we eliminate the routine application of pesticides in and around your home. Instead, our Pest Prevention Program focuses on eliminating the conditions, entry points, and sources of pest infestation to keep pests from getting inside your home. Pest prevention is taking pest control to the next level. We apply insecticides, but only where and when needed.

A-1 Able also understands the importance of potential health issues brought upon by pest control sprays, insecticides, and rodenticides. That is why our satisfied customers like our environmentally responsible approach. It’s one of the reasons they stay with our services year after year.

Our valued customers from throughout the Miami Valley region deserve more than periodical pesticide applications. Our prevention system is the most advanced pest management program available.

We Provide Pest Free Environments!

We guarantee complete satisfaction with our work. Call today for a free no obligation inspection.

Residential Monthly Service

Interior Treatments

  • Look for cockroaches
  • Check for treatment preparation
  • Place bait at cracks, crevices, and interior perimeters of cabinets
  • Inject doorways, wall cracks, and holes with powder
  • Apply a crack & crevice liquid application on all floor to wall perimeters
  • Vacuum cupboards with treatment, especially with a large or high level of infestation
  • Treat refrigerator and appliances
  • Open kick plates and/or remove bottom drawers of appliances and inject small appliance motors
  • Dust drains and plumbing

Exterior Treatments

  • Treat doors, eaves, windows, and the house’s foundation
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Provide documentation of work performed, and the follow up work


  • Be prepared for rodent control
  • We use different products and tools if rodents are an issue
  • We’ll inspect all rodent devices and our technicians will note where the devices are
  • Our technicians will search the attic, crawl space, and plumbing accesses
  • We’ll recommend spaces to put the bait. The bait must not be reachable by children or pets. We recommend baits going behind the fridge, under a false bottom of a cabinet, or under the stove. Baits must always be locked and never loose.

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At A-1 Able Pest Doctors, we’re proud of the fact that our patients die. We offer a free inspection and no obligation estimate to eliminate and control pests in your home or office. Call for your inspection and estimate now!