The spring season is quickly approaching and this means more than just the soft breeze, or the faint smell of budding flowers; it also means the encroachment of bugs. Of course, these bugs won’t just stay in the fields or inside the thick, green forests because they may even find their way inside your home. Knowing this, how can we proof our homes from these pesky little creatures?

  • Take away what they want


It’s not just we humans who have our preferred living conditions; bugs have them too. As a master of your home, you should exert efforts in removing the ideal conditions where bugs thrive. Start by removing puddled or stagnant water, followed by a periodic, thorough cleaning in every nook and cranny of your house. Having piles of unnecessary items  give pests the warm, dark places they prefer, so avoid stocking excess, where possible.

  • Observe the intruders

Of course, it’s a given that some bugs can break through your preliminary line of defense. When this happens, you will need to see if there are crawlers lurking inside your house. Some pests can give off a foul smell, so pay attention to that as well. Carefully remove them using sprays or repellants so they won’t come back for a time. However, this process is not a one-time deal. You will have to do it a couple of times for them to be gone.

  • Install screens

To fully increase your home’s blockade, install screens in your windows and doors that have gaps. This will prevent flying bugs to get inside through those openings.

  • Spray safe chemicals
  • A bug-proof house does not only mean having no intruders. It should also mean that your house is free from the possible downsides of extermination. To accomplish this, you should use safe chemicals when spraying in your home. This will minimize the risks of having health complications due to pesticides, for both you and your pets. .

The spring season can be a truly fun time of the year. You should not let annoying and dangerous pests to ruin it for you. Have you dealt with this kind of problem before? Tell us how on our social media accounts!