We aren’t the only ones looking to get indoors when it gets chilly! Pesky rodents are also eager to find refuge in warm shelters that have easy access to food and water.
Here are a few common nuisance species:

  •             Squirrels
  •             Raccoons
  •             Opossums
  •             Skunks

Some are more likely to appear and vary by the numbers depending on where you live. To help you ensure no sneaky critters can get inside your home, here are some of our pest prevention tips!

Cover the trash cans

Squirrels and raccoons are known to scrounge for food on garbage disposals, so it’s important not to tempt them. Covering your trash will help ensure that these little guys won’t see your property as a potential food source!
Screen vents and openings

Many rodents find their way into homes by going through openings along the roof, such as chimneys and vents. Make sure these structures are fully screened to prevent nuisance wildlife from getting inside!
Keep the yard clean

Aside from making sure that firewood is stored at a distance from the house (at least 20 feet), it is also recommended to clean up the yard regularly. Letting debris collect in the area can make an ideal sanctuary for small animals.
Cut back branches near the house

Squirrels and other small animals can gain access to your rooflines by using tree branches. Make sure to cut back the tree branches on your property from hanging too near to the walls of the house. An unwritten rule is to keep plants and trees at least 6 to 8 feet from the roofline.If they’ve already settled inside, nuisance animals are hard to get rid of and can pose serious health risks by carrying rabies and other diseases.
If you encounter them on your property, it’s important to contact a pest control professional because it is dangerous to attempt to remove them on your own.
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Stay safe this winter season and for more winter pest prevention tips, check out our other blogs!