A treatment of Vikane® gas fumigant penetrates all voids of a home, including deep behind walls and in bedding and upholstered furniture. In contrast, an insecticide treatment may not reach deep into those areas where bedbugs live or in items that cannot be treated, such as televisions and computers. (VikaneFumigant.com)


Why fumigate?

  • Gas fumigant is scientifically proven to be 100% effective against all stages of bed bug life, including the hard-to-control egg stage, in a single application.
  • There are no resistant bed bugs to Vikane®, unlike the resistance they now have to many commonly applied pesticides.
  • Vikane® gas fumigant penetrates into ALL cracks and crevices, into furniture and any other hiding places—yes, even into sensitive electronics—to eliminate the pests. (Did you even consider bed bugs hiding inside your TV?)
  • Vikane completely dissipates to leave no surface residue, odor, or film behind once it aerated.
  • Clutter is not a concern with a treatment of Vikane®.
  • Vikane® does NOT damage electronics, antiques, or sensitive fabrics.
  • If you’re moving from infested apartment or building, or you are worried about picking up bugs in transit, get your packed moving/ rental truck fumigated overnight with Vikane®.
  • Depending on how many clothes you own, fumigation can be cheaper than dry-cleaning each item at $4-$8 each.

Is fumigation safe?

It is safe for all household items including clothes, fine artwork, upholstery and drapes, toys and other children’s belongings, dishes, and utensils. There is no need to wash/clean any of these items after exposure to Vikane® (Many of these items can be damages if treated with other techniques like heat or freezing, and pest management professionals are not allowed to spray beds, chairs, or children’s toys.)

Vikane leaves no residue and when released post-treatment, breaks down to two naturally occurring elements that aren’t harmful to the ozone layer, the immediate environment, animals, or people. It’s as “green” as it gets. And because it leaves no residue, you don’t even have to wash the toys or your kids’ clothes before using them.