Most humans are afraid of insects, although we merely call them ‘pests.’ Unknowingly, these ‘pests’ do help us in some ways most people are probably not aware of. Listed below are some insects that are not your typical pests; in fact, you should welcome them into your garden.

Ground beetle. They might not look pleasant, but never underestimate what this bug can do! This large, long-legged bug likes to feed on insects that are harmful to vegetables. If you plan to plant potatoes, cabbage, and/or tomatoes, then, surround your crops with logs, rocks, and perennial ground covers to attract these protective creatures.

Ladybugs. This adorable creature works wonders as well. Both adults and larvae ladybugs feed on soft-bodied insects and aphids, which is more known as plant lice. Cute and dependable!

Rove beetles. Just like what the ground beetles do, it is a natural predator of aphids along with a number of hungry caterpillars and grubs.

Predatory bugs. As the name suggests, they are helpful in destroying tomato hornworms and thrips. They can eat worms, spider mites, leafhopper nymphs, and small caterpillars. Be sure to attract this type of bug, when you are planning to plant vegetables, by also planting permanent plants like shrubs and bunch grasses.

Devil’s Coach-horse. One of the large varieties of its kind, this uniquely-named insect attacks and eat slugs, which might be why many British gardeners have developed a likening to them.

Even though it’s easy to focus on how pesky some bugs can be, we should take some time to be grateful for all the ways they help us. The eco-system is a magnificent, well-oiled machine. Nature knows just how to operate!

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