No one likes dealing with ants, especially in their living or working spaces. While it is impossible to completely eliminate any ant infestations, there are some strategies you can implement to make your home or office much less attractive to ants. Read on for some tips on how to ant proof your home or office and how A-1 Able Pest Doctors can help.

Seal Any Cracks or Holes

The first step in preventing ants from entering your home or office is to seal any cracks, crevices, or holes around windows and doors where they may gain access. Additionally, check the seals around pipes and vents that lead outside—ants can squeeze through even the tiniest of openings! Sealing these cracks and holes will help prevent an ant infestation before it even starts.

Remove Standing Water

Ants need water just like we do, so make sure you do not have any standing water anywhere in your home or office that could serve as a source of hydration for them. Inspect all water sources such as sinks, bathtubs, showers, and toilets for any clogs which might create puddles and attract ants. If you find clogged drains, use a drain cleaning solution to unclog them. This will help keep ants away from those areas of your home and reduce the risk of an infestation occurring.

Clean Up Food Residue

It goes without saying that food attracts ants like nothing else —so make sure that anything containing food residue is kept clean at all times! Clean up spilled drinks right away and wipe down countertops regularly with warm soapy water to remove crumbs and other food particles that may be sitting around. Also, store all food items in airtight containers so that the scent is not wafting through the air and attracting unwanted pests into your space.

Keeping an ant-free environment is possible with a little bit of effort from you! By sealing up any cracks or holes around windows or doors, removing standing water sources, and keeping surfaces free from food residue, you can drastically reduce the chances of an ant invasion in your home or office. Plus, if an ant problem does occur despite these efforts, professional pest control services are available to help get rid of them quickly. Remember—with a few simple steps taken now you can ensure a happy ant-free future!

When you call A-1 Able Pest Doctors, we can help maintain a pest-free environment in your commercial or residential property. We are a top pest control company in the Miami Valley region and serve both commercial and homes across the area. Ants tend to be a common pest at any point in the year, so it’s important to have yearlong pest control. If you need ant pest control, call us today to schedule your pest control treatments.