No homeowner wants their home to be infested with termites! They are destructive, can be costly to mitigate, and are quite frankly, horrendous. Since many individuals have a hard time distinguishing the signs of a termite problem, damages have occurred in the house and it may be too late.

Here are some of the signs that you should be wary of if you are looking for such termite attacks.

Look for Tubes!

The most obvious sign of termite presence are their shelter tubes, it is their main means of transportation and provides them with the environment they need to survive and thrive. These tubes are necessary for them to be sheltered from harmful external factors such as harsh weather or even predators. Look at the copper tubing or wooden structures of your house. These shelter tubes can also cause some crazy damage, so it is best to check these parts regularly.
Mud Packs

Along with shelter tubes, you can also look for mud packs, or earthen packs, left behind by the termites on your walls and floors. These packs are left behind by termites whenever they colonize a certain area. This can be destructive when formed in parts of the house, like in the foundation structures.

Tree Damage

You can also expand your search to outside of your home, since termites can also damage the trees and plants nearby your house. You can notice this easily, since termite-infested trees have several holes in their trunks and roots.
Termite Frass

Termites that live in your drywall tend to leave their frass, or more commonly called feces, all over the area that they are living in. You can recognize this as tiny pellets piled into a mound that is the same color and consistency as salt and pepper grains.

Damaged Wood

All the signs mentioned above damage the wooden parts of your home. This damage will then leave the wood soft and sagging and may need further repairs. Inspect your home for soft, crumbling wood so that you can identify where the termites are living.  By observing both your living space and the environment around you, you can stay one step ahead. You cannot control the cost of repairs, but you can do your best to prepare for it and stop it in its tracks before it gets any worse!

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