Let’s face it – bed bugs can turn your sweetest dreams into a horrendous nightmare! It’s true! They drive you crazy, trying to ignore that itchy, scratchy feeling all night long. Leaving you a red-welted, sleep-deprived individual the next morning. It sucks, right?

Pretend that this situation has happened the last couple of nights. Can you even imagine? Now, ensues the crippling paranoia, since the very thought of hundreds of bugs crawling all over you and multiplying all night in the comfort of your own home would keep any sane individual on their toes. You may be 100% determined to do anything to exterminate them. Anything. Just to be sleep soundly. And what if they come back? Is there anyway to be sure that they will never return?


My advice for you is – first, calm down, take a breath! Next, look for the best way possible without spraying pesticides or other chemicals around your home. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure peace of mind these bugs won’t return without any additional health risks from at-home extermination.


Clean Up

Consider fervently cleaning up your house, particularly your bedroom –  and anything that may be hiding underneath of your bed. Since bed bugs can thrive even under extreme conditions (lack of food, harsh weather condition, etc.), you should effectively sanitize the nooks-and-crannies that they can hide in like storage boxes, laundry hampers, and various other forms of containment. You may have to say goodbye to Mr. Fluffy, but with stuffed animals comes the possibility of bed bugs returning.


Stick to what works

One of the most effective ways to kill bed bugs is subjecting them to extreme heat – typically going to 115 to 120oF range. By exposing them to this kind of heat range for around 20 minutes, you can be sure to achieve 100% mortality of said bugs.

On the other hand, sprays and pesticides can also effectively kill bugs. However, there is a risk often associated with these chemicals. According to research conducted by the National Institutes of Health, pesticide sprays can be a common reason for organ diseases and attacks such as asthma, heart damage, and even several key organ failures (in worst-case scenario). If you feel pesticides are the best course of action, consider getting your house professionally tent-ed by a specialist.

Given this, it may be better for you to stick with some natural bed bug sprays like Proof or some other organic pest killers on the market. Poor bed bug management will only continue their multiplication and cannot insure the extermination and prevention of their return.


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