A previously-little-known stink bug has been infesting most of our homes lately, and almost everyone is clueless about these bugs or even about how to control them. The brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB), scientifically called the Halyomorpha halys, has been found in 49 countries and has been known as an agricultural pest in Eastern countries such as China and Japan. In America, it is commonly known to be an indoor pest and is abundant mostly during the warmer seasons.


The BMSB can significantly destroy crops in the field. For example, it can distort the flesh of an apple or other citrus fruit, affecting its marketability and safety of consumption. It  can also cause plenty of damage to more than just agriculture. For instance, it can be bothersome to people with allergies and cause other unpleasant bodily reactions due to the bug’s odor, which is given off by an aeroallergen. This can cause dermatitis or other skin-related reactions, as well as nasal allergies and asthma.


Before the bugs can enter the home or the establishment, it is necessary that you perform necessary preventive measures. First, patch up any holes that the bug may use to go inside. Also check any wall cracks and baseboards for evidence. Cracks should be sealed using a quality sealant or silicone caulk.


If the bug is already inside the home, you may want to utilize the expertise of pest control professionals to take care of the insects. You may also try to do it yourself by vacuuming the areas of your home that stink the most.

Your winter service is a very valuable treatment and should not be skipped.  This service allows the technicians to treat crawl spaces and attics for stinkbugs, beetles, cluster flies, wasps and mites.  Please feel free to call with any questions or concerns, at  800.737.8189.