Summer is finally here and so are the pests!

While you are out and about, enjoying the sun, you’re going to encounter many pests that will most certainly sneak into your house. Pests who go into hiding in winter months to stay warm will definitely emerge, reproduce and expand their habitats this season! What are those pests? Why do you see most of them at this time of the year? How can you prevent them from finding their way into your home? How can you get rid of them? Read on to discover more.

  • Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes love the hot summer weather – the season for barbeque and pool parties! Stagnant water is their breeding ground!! So, make sure that you don’t have standing water around your home. Their population may dip during the summer but they are surely going to come for you in the dry heat! It is best to use mosquito repellents for protection whenever you are outdoors.

  • Flies

All it takes is one meal in the open air and you will definitely be reminded about their presence. Bear in mind that these pests won’t just bug you outdoors! They are there to invade your home to escape the heat! These house flies collect microorganisms on their legs and mouths when feeding on feces, trash and decaying matter. When the flies land, these pathogens are then transferred to the food on your tables or counters!! *gross!* In order to repel flies during the warmer months, you have to limit their access to your home as much as you can. Keep your doors and windows closed at all times, and keep the surfaces clean to make it less appealing to house flies.

  • Cockroaches

Summer is the perfect opportunity for these pests to be out and about. They can be found both indoors and outdoors and they thrive in moisture and exposed old, rotten food. We’re also pretty sure you know that they fly! Yikes! They also carry pathogens and allergens in their skins and in their droppings, so we highly suggest that you take immediate action when you see one! Having these pests lying around is a sign that your house has not been cleaned thoroughly.

  • Ants

Did you know that ants are the number one nuisance pest in the United States? And did you know their favorite season? Yup, you know it! It’s Summer! You will be seeing them sneaking into your house looking for water and food sources. We advise you to clean after yourself and dispose your trash daily.

  • Rodents

These pests had a good rest during the winter months; now they are going to emerge in full force this summer! Rat and mice population will also increase due to the warm weather so you better look for early signs of infestation before they multiply even more! Rodent droppings can be found around food packages, drawers, cupboards, and under the sink. You may also see signs of chewed up food packaging or holes in the walls and floors. We suggest removing potential rodent nesting sites and cleaning the house thoroughly.

Some of these pests we’ve mentioned here are considered nothing more than a nuisance while some of them pose a more significant risk to your health and family. Here are a few more tips to keep pests out this season:

  • Seal holes and gaps in screens, doors, and windows to keep these pests from entering.
  • Crawlspaces and basements must be checked frequently for possible infestation.
  • Dark, damp areas (like under the sinks and near the faucets) must be monitored for cockroaches.
  • Keep your countertops clean.
  • Seal exposed food and water

These pests are a nag when they find their way into your home. If you ever need any help, it is best to contact a trusted pest professional to discuss your extermination options.