Just because winter has come does not mean that the pests will leave you and your house alone. If anything, you should be on high alert for them, as they are in desperate need of shelter, as well as many other elements, during this cold time. Many different species of bugs have varying ways of surviving the winter, but there are certainly still some that are active and seeking hospitality in the presence of your home. Therefore, it is important you continue to schedule pest control services throughout the winter to avoid any stressful encounters with unwelcome animals.

What Animals to Look for

With the change of seasons, there are many insects and animals that are searching for a place to settle down. Some of these creatures are relatively harmless, and others can cost you thousands in damages. Termites, for example, are especially active during this period, as they will look for shelter to avoid freezing temperatures. These insects can cost you thousands of dollars due to the damage they do to the structure of your house by eating through the wood your house stands on.

Other small insects include stink bugs, beetles, ants, silverfish, and bedbugs. Though these creatures are relatively harmless to humans, they can become a big nuisance, especially considering the numbers that most of them come in. Other more dangerous animals include rats or mice, spiders, and cockroaches. These animals often carry diseases or trigger allergies damaging to your health, so it is important to exterminate them.

How They Enter Your House

Most creatures that invade your house are smaller. However, the entry point they search for is very similar. Cracks and holes within your house are the main way these pesky creatures gain entrance to your house, as well as windows and vents, so it is important you keep an eye out for these entry points. Be aware of damper, darker areas of your house such as crawl spaces, basements, or other places with low traffic. These animals are likely well hidden, so it is important you hire professionals who know the correct areas to search for these animals. To prevent these creatures from creeping into your house, make sure to secure and seal any small entry points that you believe are big enough for these pests to sneak into. If you see any signs of these creatures, call an exterminator to help you safely remove them.

Even if you do everything in your power to keep these critters out of your home, there is still a high likelihood they find a way in. Therefore, it is crucial that you call a trusted and experienced pest control company to come in and exterminate these pesky creatures. If you are struggling to find an exterminator that provides pest control services that fit your needs, check out A-1 Able Pest Doctors. With 85 years of experience and proven results, we are here to help you with all your exterminating needs!