We all love the holiday season. Nothing beats bringing home your fresh cut Christmas tree and getting to decorate it! We all want to wake up to a surprise come Christmas morning. However, we are here to make sure it is a surprise you actually want! This holiday season, do not overlook any unwanted guests that may have hitched a ride home with the tree! A-1 Able Pest Doctors is here to provide you with some pest control tips on how to avoid these insects and unwanted Christmas guests.

Pest Control for Common Christmas Tree Pests

Some insects and pests to look for would be bark beetles, praying mantis, mites, spiders, and aphids. None of these are the visitors you want in your home this holiday season nor the surprise you want under the tree.

Precautions Against Christmas Tree Pests

The first step you want to take is inspecting the tree at the lot. Make sure there are not nests of any sort and not bugs and insects that are super apparent. Along with nests you want to look for wany white flocking that may be eggs from insects or a nest. Give your tree a good shake as well in hopes that any insects calling your tree home will not be able to call your house their home soon.

Treating Christmas Tree Pests

Now that you have found the perfect tree and are taking proper precautions, we want to prepare you with how you might be able to treat a tree with insects that has already entered the home. Our first tip is to make sure you are not using any insect repellant on your tree. They can be highly flammable and should not be used indoors.

The best course of action would be to simply vacuum these insects up and dispose of them outside. This is a simple way to treat the pests that may have entered. However, if you start to encounter a lot of insects, please call A-1 Able Pest Doctors. We are here to help dispose of these unwanted guests this holiday season.