Every Winter, predictable things happen. The temperature drops, snow starts covering the ground, and a lot of insects hibernate.

One unpredictable insect surprise, however, could come in finding you still have a swarm of gnats and fruit flies inside your home. There are several reasons why this could happen, so let’s look at some facts about these pesky gnats:

  • Gnat is the common name for various small winged insects in the fly group. Most of the time, what people call gnats are usually fruit flies or fungus flies. Gnats are not into blood like mosquitoes are, but they do eat algae, fungus, fruits, and various plants.
  • It may be winter outside your house, but inside the temperature is usually warm enough for these pests to feel comfortable for active breeding and feeding.
  • You may have brought something home that was infested with gnat eggs, such as fruit. It’s hard to notice if the fruit is infested, but if the food begins to rot, the fruit flies will become more visible.
  • Your home has a lot of resources for fruit flies and gnats to thrive and reproduce. One splotch of ketchup on a dirty dish in the sink, or a stain of something sweet in your trash can provide a swarm of gnats enough food to live.
Fruit flies and gnats are very resourceful when it comes to surviving. Even if you only have a single rotting fruit in your home and everything else is sealed, that alone is enough for them to produce swarms.

They are hard to get rid of, especially if you don’t know their breeding sites. To manage these pests, consider calling a pest professional and have them inspect your home.

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