The first step in any bedbug service is a free estimate if activity is found in the home. Every situation and structure is unique and requires an assessment by one of our licensed and trained inspectors in order to determine which service technique is best suited for each situation.

For example, a fumigation service is typically only viable for single family dwellings.  Due to its ability to infiltrate walls, the entire structure must be secured and treated.  If a home has any structural issues, a heat service may not be a viable option due to the possibility of not being able to maintain lethal temperatures due to structural voids.  This is where your licensed inspector will advise regarding the best suited approach.  When dealing with bedbugs it is very much a two- fold approach.  Effective service not only relies on our highly trained professional staff, but also on the client as far as effectively and thoroughly prepping the home and taking a pro-active approach regarding the possibility of reintroduction into the home.  As human beings we are creatures of habit, and typically return to the same people, places, and things.  Due to the elusive nature of bedbugs, determining precisely where, when and how the pest was initially introduced into the home can be quite difficult.  That compiled with the fact that bedbugs have become increasingly common and truly can be picked up anywhere, from your favorite restaurant, grocery store, movie theatre, school, daycare, public transportation…. The list truly is never ending.

With that being said, Volcano bedbug monitors are available for purchase at $12 + tax each and are effective up to 90 days.  They have a scent pad in them that mimics the human pheromone within us that they are attracted to and once a bedbug enters the monitor, they cannot get out.  This is an effective way of simply monitoring your home, as early detection is very beneficial.