With the change of the seasons leading to colder months, there are many animals that are looking for a place to stay, which typically tends to be the shelter of your own home. Some of these creatures are relatively harmless but become a nuisance due to the sheer number of them. However, there are a select few that are more dangerous and carry diseases or could trigger allergies that you should be very cautious around. Here are the common winter pests you should keep an eye out for, and how to prevent these critters from making your home their home.


Attracted to excess moisture, these creatures will find a way into your basement in search of food. They live in small areas and get into your household through leaks or holes within your pipes, plastic bags, or other objects you bring into your house. They are commonly found in kitchens due to the dirty dishes that people typically leave out, so be sure to clean your dishes. These creatures can contaminate food as well as spread bacteria and diseases. Be sure to keep your house as clean as possible to ensure there is no food left around for cockroaches to find.


Although spiders are around all year, they are seen more often through the winter months. They will get into your household through small cracks or holes in the exterior of your house, so ensure you are looking for open areas of your house. Staying in areas that have low traffic, spiders are relatively harmless to humans and will search for a food source while in your house. To help combat spiders entering your home, seal open areas in your house, clean and vacuum constantly, and look for spiderwebs and other signs of spiders.

Bed Bugs

There are many ways that bed bugs can enter your house, but the main way is by latching on to other objects you bring inside. Luggage, furniture, clothing, and other items are an easy way for them to gain access to your house. To prevent bedbugs, check these items before bringing them into your house. In your house, regularly wash your sheets and clothing on high, as they will die with enough heat. However, it is very difficult to rid yourself of all the bed bugs, and much better to call an exterminator.

Rats & Mice

Seeking warmth in the cold months, these animals can fit through small openings in the exterior of your house. They also look for food and water sources, so ensure that you are not leaving anything out for them to find. Typically found living in secluded areas such as basements and attics, they can cause damage to your property, and can spread diseases. Seal openings and call an exterminator if you ever come across a rat or mouse in your house, as they can be dangerous.

Though these are not the only winter pests you may see in your household, they are some of the most popular and can be dangerous. If you see any signs of these creatures, call an exterminator quickly to prevent more from entering your home. Searching for the right questions to ask, or the right people to hire, contact A-1 Able Pest Doctors. With our 85 years of experience, we can help you clear your household of these winter pests, so call today!