BT-U Bed Bug Thermal Undoing

A-1 Able Pest Doctors Can Kill Bed Bugs and Reduce Insecticide Usage

BT-U Bed Bug Thermal Undoing

Pest Doctor Systems, Inc. provides Commercial, Residential and Institutional Pest Management for thousands of customers since 1936. Our BT-U system temperature treatment is a safe, effective, and environmentally friendly process using dry heat to kill the entire life cycle of bed bugs, while reducing the application of insecticides.

Our 3-Step Process

With equipment designed specifically for the application of heat to kill bed bugs, our highly effective process relies on three main keys to a successful treatment.


Electric bed bug heaters are placed within the space; introducing and recirculating heated air with a target temperature not to exceed 135F for the controlled application of heat.


Temperatures are monitored in real time from a remote location using wireless sensors to ensure lethal temperatures are reached without damaging the space and its contents.

Move Air

High temperature fans move heated air throughout the space to reach insects in cracks and crevices or high infestation zones.

Effective Heat Treatment Tools Available

A-1 Able Pest Doctors offers effective heat treatment tools needed for the battle against bed bugs.

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Why Heat?

It's Effective

Bedbugs have lethal temperature limits greater than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. At that point, all stages of the life cycle are killed. Targeted temperatures in the range of lethal temperatures are required to completely eradicate bed bug populations. The range of lethal temperatures (minimum and maximum temperatures) is carefully controlled so that heated space or its contents are not damaged. A list of items to be removed prior to heat start-up is provided.

Treatment Time

Treatment time is an important factor for effectiveness of treating bed bug infestations with heat. Treatment time is dictated by various factors such as clutter, structure, layout of the space, severity of infestations, and air flow management. Adults are generally most susceptible with eggs being most tolerant. Treatment time minimums ensure heat penetration reaches all places where bed bugs can take refuge. Holding lethal temperatures for a longer time will be more effective than shorter treatment times and is a function of the factors mentioned above.

How They Die

Heat kills by dehydration or drying out the bed bugs. The high heat love you MIDI atmosphere causes the insect to desiccate and die due to lack of moisture. please note when temperatures exceed 115 degrees Fahrenheit, humidity becomes less of a concern.

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