Why Do Businesses Need Experts in Commercial Pest Control?

Getting rid of pests in retail stores, restaurants and other businesses takes a different strategy than pest control in homes. Read on to learn why businesses need a pest control company with experience in commercial pest control.

Business Settings Have More Variation than Homes

While homes can be large or small, can have one story or two, can be in the city or the country, most homes have bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen and common living space.

Businesses can have so much more variation. For instance, restaurants often have large commercial kitchens and dining areas; manufacturing sites may cover tens of thousands of square feet and have large industrial equipment; retail spaces have large open spaces and valuable merchandise; office spaces may have lots of employees and electronic equipment. The list goes on and on.

A commercial pest control company has special training to handle these different business settings and develop an effective pest control plan for the specific business.

Geographical Location and Nearby Structures Provide Unique Challenges

Businesses can be in challenging locations for pest control. For instance, many businesses are located where there is either heavy foot traffic or heavy motor vehicle traffic. Offices, restaurants and companies may be in a building shared by other businesses. Commercial pest management experts are trained in how to handle these challenges and provide effective pest control with minimal disruptions.

Commercial Pest Control Moves Quickly

If you have a pest control issue in a business, you want to act quickly—and with minimal disruption of your business. Business situations are unique because many businesses may not be able to entirely shut down—or they may be in a building with other businesses. Commercial pest control professionals are aware of the pest control challenges in a business setting and will work with businesses to provide an efficient pest control solution. By acting quickly, they can keep a minor problem from becoming a major problem.

Commercial Pest Control Takes a Proactive Approach

While we’re experts at helping businesses solve pest problems, we also offer preventative pest management that can save you money and the hassle of a business disruption. Commercial pest control pros work with businesses to identify what types of pests may be common for certain businesses, where pests may enter a building or other potential pest problems. They’ll then take a proactive approach and develop a preventative plan.

Pest Control Starts with a Thorough Evaluation

The first step for pest control in business settings is a site evaluation. With so many variables in the type of business, the business location and other challenges, a pest control professional must evaluate the business site and situation. If pests are present, then a proper treatment plan that takes into account the type of business is developed and implemented. This is also a good time to consider proactive or preventative pest control.

To learn more about how we can help control pests in your business setting, contact us today.