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Bed Bug Monitoring Systems

The Bed Bug Beacon Monitor is:

  • Odorless
  • Environmentally clean
  • No harmful chemical
  • Non-intrusive low profile appearance
  • Portable
  • Reliable
  • Affordable

The monitor eliminates disruptive rumors and gossip about bedbug infestations. It calms down the work staff by eliminating the fear of bedbug infestation. It pays for itself by providing accurate and timely information regarding the presence or absence of bedbugs in schools, offices, retail shops, institutions, theatres, and all other human occupied environments.

Just $49.95 (plus tax and shipping) per kit and refill package cost is $24.95 (plus tax and shipping). Refills sold in quantity of three and trailing caveat included.

Our monitors are also available at our Do-It-Yourself retail locations.

Volume Purchase Discounts Available

A-1 Able Pest Doctors offers a discount if you purchase our Bed Bug Beacon Monitor. The discount is available on orders with 10+ kits and refills. Purchase your monitors now!

The Bed Bug Beacon Monitor…

  1. …is the most economical and productive bedbug trap available in the country.
  2. …utilizes the number 1 bedbug attractant (CO2) as identified in university tests.
  3. …finds bedbugs where human inspectors miss, especially in low population and start-up infestations.
  4. …costs a small fraction of a sniffing dog and is not affected by viral infections, cold and allergens.
  5. …utilizes a pitfall trap configuration which has been shown to be the most effective bedbug trapping configuration known.
  6. …lures hidden cryptic bedbugs from a controlled area of no more than 10-15 feet. It does not draw bedbugs in from neighboring apartments.
  7. …delivers obvious conclusions on the success or failure of bedbug treatment programs.
  8. …can help pinpoint and isolate bedbug infestations zones, areas, rooms, or office areas.

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