Bed Bug Kits

Bed Bug Kits

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Bed Bug Intensive Care Kit

** IMPORTANT: Always Read and Follow the Label Directions**


Bed Bug Treatment Kits A-1 Able Pest Doctors

Your Bed Bug Kit Includes

8oz. Bottle of FenvaStar Concentrate:

This product is a long-lasting residual spray, use 2 oz to (1) gallon of water

**Use 2 oz per gallon for heavy infestation, may use 1 oz for light activity**

This bottle will make 4 gallons of finished product, based on 2 oz per gallon mixture.

    4oz Bottle of CimeXa:

    This is a “natural” product made from Silica dust. For use with provided dust bulb applicator and ideal for surfaces/areas requiring “dry” treatment such as electrical outlets, electrical/wiring area of large appliances (refrigerator, stove), and plumbing voids. Also perfect for cracks and crevices of baseboards, wood paneling and flooring.

      Crusader Dust Bulb:

      For use with CimeXa powder: This duster features a rubber bulb and a metal extension tip. Provides extension for hard-to-reach areas allowing easier access under or into tight spaces. Allows user to apply dust with accuracy and proper flow so product is not over applied or wasted. Perfect for applying powder in wall voids, electrical outlets, and other hard to reach areas.

        Foaming Aerosol can of Bedlam Plus:

        This fast-acting product packs a punch providing both a quick kill AND residual control. Foaming feature provides increased surface coverage for better control. It is water based which means it won’t stain water-safe surfaces and materials. It will also kill bedbug eggs with a direct application!

          Chaplin Tank Sprayer:

          This is a one-gallon multi-purpose sprayer. Translucent tank makes for easy filling and cleaning, easy to assemble, and equipped with adjustable nozzle tip.

            Total Cost $139.99 + tax

              This kit does not contain mattress and box spring covers; these items are sold separately.  All mattress and box springs should be covered with mattress covers that have zippers.  All clothing, curtains, bedding, stuffed animals, throw rugs, and other cloth items should be placed under high heat in a dryer for a minimum of 45-60 minutes.  Bedbug elimination requires multiple applications, and strict following of preparation instructions.

                Thoroughly inspect your home prior to treating so you have a good idea of where the high harborage areas are located. Typically, during early stages of an infestation, activity is in areas where their food source (you and your family) spends significant time sedentary, such as beds, couches, recliners, desk/gaming chairs and other upholstered furniture. Not only do these areas provide plenty of places to safely hide away, they also prefer to live as close to where they feed as possible. However, as the population grows in both age and size, the likelihood of finding them in less common areas further away from feeding sites increases. The bedbug’s defense mechanism is hiding, and they are very good at it. So, not only are they very skilled at hiding, but they are also very small. In early stages of their life cycle, they are even iridescent, not taking on their reddish/brown color until after multiple feedings and life stages. Their eggs are roughly the size of 2 grains of salt. Needless to say, when going to battle with bedbugs, you will need to follow every protocol regarding preparation and product use as closely as possible to obtain optimal results. Also keep in mind, when treating chemically for bedbugs, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. It is a process, and it takes time and diligence to achieve complete eradication. Fight the urge to treat more often then recommended, or to add more Fenvastar then needed to the mix, because not only will it not work, but it will also likely backfire, resulting in chemical resistant bedbugs, and wasted money and time.


                1. Bedlam Plus Foaming Aerosol:

                -Best for use in “hot spot” areas. When treating furniture, apply to the tuffs, folds, edges, sides, bottoms, and seams.

                -Apply as a spot treatment to mattresses, box springs, bed frames, headboards, curtains/window treatments near bed/furniture, upholstered furniture (couch, recliner, ottoman, desk chair), carpet edges, wall hangings.

                -Don’t forget about your vehicle(s)! They will also need to be treated. Follow the same safety measures you would for the furniture in your home, and be sure to allow the product time to dry before re-entering your vehicle. Don’t forget to treat the trunk and under floor mats, etc. Be sure to clean the vehicle’s interior prior to treatment and remove any clutter to ensure product is reaching target surfaces. Bedlam and Fenvastar are the best products to use in the vehicle. If utilizing Cimexa or any other dust product, DO NOT put in the vents, as this could possibly cause it to become air born and create an inhalation hazard.


                1. CimeXa:

                -This is a “natural” product made from Silica dust. It is non-staining, odorless and has a very long-lasting residual.  Ideal for hard-to-reach areas and surfaces that are not suitable to get wet (electrical outlets, etc). Less is better, do not over apply. You should NOT be able to see piles of dust after application.  See label for complete application instructions.

                -Empty contents into the provided dust applicator bulb. Apply to “dry areas” such as, electrical outlets, behind stoves, refrigerator, under sinks (plumbing voids), under/behind baseboards, under edging of rugs, and in cracks and crevices (includes windowsills, wood paneling, wood floors, and openings/voids where insects could be harboring). Ideal for use on/around items and areas where “wet application” is not ideal. Due to this product’s long-lasting residual, it does not need to be reapplied as often as the other products.


                1. Crusader Dust Bulb:

                -Simply remove rubber stopper, fill about halfway (no more than half) with CimeXa, insert stopper securely back in place, flip duster over so bulb and stopper are on bottom, and metal spout is at the top. Squeeze bulb to produce a cloud-like, fine puff of dust.

                -*Tip: do not fill bulb more than halfway and a coin can be inserted into the bulb to break up any clumps when you shake it.


                1. FenvaStar Concentrate:

                -Mix according to label instructions, 2oz per gallon of water in most cases.

                -Can be used as a spot treatment, in cracks and crevices, around perimeter of room, in vehicle, on furniture (per label).

                -The goal is to dampen treatment areas, but not to the point of saturation or run off/drippage.

                -Prior to application, clean floors / surfaces with vacuum/mop. Apply as a course, low pressure spray to harborage areas including crevices, base boards, loose plaster, behind bed frames, headboards, beneath beds, and under furniture.  DO NOT!! apply to furniture surfaces or mattresses where people will be laying or sitting (direct contact areas). You may treat seams around mattresses, box springs, and furniture.  You can treat non-contact areas of furniture such as the backs, sides, underneath (we recommend removing any “netting” under furniture to allow direct treatment/access to harborage areas).


                Prep for Bedbug Chemical Application

                Kitchen & Pantry Areas… remove all food and utensils from cabinets and storage areas. Remove all items from countertop if possible. Discard all cardboard boxes and plastic bags. Place all items into large black plastic trash bags.


                Bathroom… remove all items from cabinets and storage closets. Place all items into large black trash bags.


                Bedroom… remove all bed sheets, and covers, place into large black trash bags. Remove all contents from dresser drawers and closets; place all items into large black trash bags. All drawers and closets must be clear and available for treatment.


                All clothing, bed coverings, pillows, towels, and wash cloths must be placed into a dryer and dried for 60 minutes. Washing is not required, if clothing is not safe for drying, it must be dry cleaned and then placed into white plastic bags. This change in bag color is to help you identify items that have been treated and debugged.


                Vacuum or mop all floor areas thoroughly, discard vacuum contents in a sealed plastic bag, remove all cardboard and corrugated packing.


                All mattresses must be measured and placed in a bedbug resistant cover after treatment.


                Inspect and treat areas with known activity, per label instructions. We do not recommend reapplication of chemical any sooner than two weeks since last application. Most chemicals will hold a residual for at least 30 days.


                Pets must be outside or off the property during all treatments, not to return until chemical is dry (typically 2-4 hours, but will vary).


                Vehicles must be treated. Pets should be treated with proper shampooing or a veterinarian service. While animals are not a preferred food source for bedbugs, it is possible, and they can still potentially “hitchhike” on them.


                People and pets must vacate all treated areas until all chemicals are dry to the touch, generally around 4 hours.


                1st Treatment                           2nd Treatment                          3rd Treatment                          Ongoing

                Initial treatment                     2 week follow up                    6 week follow up                   Approx every 30 days

                Use all provided                     FenvaStar                                  FenvaStar                               FenvaStar only

                products in kit                         Bedlam (as needed)              Bedlam (as needed)              Bedlam (as needed)

                                                                                                                                                                       Cimexa (approx every 6 months)


                We recommend treating approx. every 30 days for minimum of 6 months to a year after completion of the 6 week follow up – you may use either of the following two concentrated products, Cyonara or FenvaStar, in addition to Bedlam Plus. All products are available for purchase individually, as needed. Reapplication of Cimexa should be no more than approximately every 6 months or so, due to unique long-lasting residual it is not required any more than that (unless in an area of high traffic or deep cleaning that would remove the product).


                Monthly treatment can be ongoing for as long as you wish. If re-introduction is a concern, inspecting and treating your home monthly is a great proactive approach.


                A-1 Able is not liable for any damages incurred to property and / or possessions.

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