by | Apr 11, 2024

Bed Bug Inspection and Estimates

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Bed Bug Fumigation

The One and Done Solution

Fumigation is a one and done bed bug extermination method that helps to kill the bed bug population in your space. It’s able to reach into the different areas of your home to kill bed bugs in all life forms, including unhatched eggs. Fumigation is tough on bed bugs but gentle on your property. At A-1 Able Pest Doctors, we have the knowledge needed to perform a gas fumigation of your home to kill bed bugs but keep your items safe. By using fumigation, you ensure you aren’t transporting bed bugs to other places, including work and school.

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Bed Bug Treatment Options


Vikane Gas works to stop bed bugs in their tracks by finding the sources of bed bugs and killing them, even before they hatch.



Heat treatments for bed bug removal makes sure that live bed bugs are completely removed from your home or office, even in cracks or crevices.



Different types of chemicals are available to kill bed bugs. It offers a high effectiveness rate over three treatments.

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