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Why Pest Doctors

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Why Pest Doctors

  • Dedicated university based training derived from Purdue University and University of Kentucky training programs. Our founder is a graduate entomologist with a masters degree.
  • Licensed, uniformed and technically superior service persons.
  • Computer based customer friendly record keeping that provides detailed and customized service to every single client. Our customer service staff is dedicated to your total satisfaction.
  • We are a regional (not national) company. Our future and reputation is based solely on your patronage. Your pest dollar stays in your community not Memphis or Atlanta. We are important supporters and donors to our local charities and communities.
  • Unique and exclusive service programs (Alltra and Termipest) designed to provide maximum pest prevention and elimination at the most affordable value in the area.
  • Trust and reliability. Since 1936 our customers have come to expect and get exacting remedies for all their pest problems. We are the trusted caretakers of hospitals, universities, manufacturers, shopping malls, retail stores, and most importantly…your town…your neighborhood…and your home!

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