If there’s ever a good time to start something, it’s the start of a new year. Maybe you’ve planned a workout routine, or valuing more ‘me’ time, or maybe saving up money to organize your finances better. Whatever the plan is, it’s best to keep doing them and never give up! Pest-proofing is no different. The resolution every homeowner should make as soon as possible is to pest-proof their homes for the months ahead. Here are 4 tips to get started:

  1. Set aside your decorations and other holiday objects properly

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It may be a chore, but don’t be lazy on packing them. Any durable container, especially made of plastic, with tight lids is recommended to keep critters from infesting them while in storage.

  1. Tidy up the kitchen

Food is one of the main reasons why pests invade homes, and the kitchen is the prime place to be for that reason. Clean the kitchen after every meal and dispose of garbage every time the indoor trash can is full. Also, keep food in airtight containers. Consider food items in the pantry too.

  1. Seal any openings and crevices

Inspect your house for any gaps that pests can use to invade your home, and consider measures in sealing them. For exterior doors, installing door sweeps should seal the gap between the floor and the door. This helps eliminate the space for insects and rodents to enter the home. Don’t forget about areas where utilities and pipes enter too.

  1. Keep your immediate outdoors orderly

Although it’s still cold outside, there’s a way for pesky critters to stay near your home. Accumulation of fallen leaves and branches is a sanctuary for most insects and raccoons, so consider sweeping and cleaning the yard once in a while.  If you store firewood, remember to keep them at least 20 ft away from the house.
These are some ways to pest-proof your home and is a good start for the new year. If you need help, contact a pest professional for a more in-depth process of pest-proofing your area.