Waking up with strange red marks on your body makes you wonder… is this a bite from a mosquito or is this one from – hopefully not – a bed bug? It’s always important to figure out what kind of bug bite you have so we can take the best course of action to help you. We have listed some points on how you can tell between the two. Before we get to that, let’s discuss the difference between bed bugs and mosquitoes.It’s likely that if you live on Earth, you’ve been bitten by a mosquito! They are literally sucking your blood to feed their eggs, just so they can make more mosquitoes… YUCK! These mosquitoes do not always get all the blood they need in just one piercing, so they might bite you multiple times in order to fill up.Bed bugs, on the other hand, are insects about the size of an apple seed. Like mosquitos, they pierce your skin and feed on your blood. They spread rapidly and are really difficult to get rid of. A homeowner’s worst nightmare!!

Now, here’s how to tell the difference between a bed bug bite and a mosquito bite:

Mosquito bites are visible instantly and will begin to itch immediately. It is best to look for a raised white welt with red boundaries that is oddly shaped (not a perfect circle). After a day or so, the bite will reduce to a red bump.
These bites self-resolve quickly most of the time. In addition, you may get several bites on the same night, but they will appear in isolation and not in clusters. Check out these examples:

mosquitoes bites

However, bed bug bites do not have immediate reactions like a mosquito bite. It can take minutes, hours, or even days to show up! There will be flat red welts, but these will not itch at first. Also, bed bug bites appear in clusters, along a line. Usually, you can find them along the edge of a sheet or a comforter.While bed bugs have not been shown to carry diseases, they are notoriously itchy and sometimes ugly and painful.
Here’s what they look like:

close up view of flea bites over caucasian man leg skin

A bed bug bite, a mosquito bite or any other type of insect bite can be harmful to you, so it is necessary that you eliminate anything that is biting you and your family.Do not let these insects live off of your blood!
Call a trusted pest professional as soon as possible