The colder months have come, and you may have noticed that there is another creature that wants to live with you in your home — the spider.

Well, this could be a nightmare for some, especially when you suffer arachnophobia. However, just as Spider-Man is an amazing superhero, you should cut the spiders some slack since there are some amazing facts about them that can surely make you say, “Wow!”

1. The ecosystem needs them: You may not care about spiders, but the ecosystem sure does. For us to have a healthy ecosystem, we need the spiders as they are predators of other insects. They can also be helpful in pollination.

2. They travel oddly: Spiders travel in a way that four of their legs touch the ground while the rest are lifted off the ground.

3. They have strange muscles: A spider can pull its legs inwards, but it cannot push it back outwards. It needs to excrete a liquid so that its legs can extend again. This is the reason why dead spiders are curled up.

4. The silk they produce can vary: There are spiders that can produce seven types of silk. Some of these are smooth, silky, stretchy, dry, and sticky.

5. Males love gifts: Male spiders love to give presents. They sometimes present dead flies as gifts to female spiders.


6. Not all bites are deadly: Most spider bites are not venomous. However, there is a dangerous and venomous bite that comes from the Brazilian Wandering Spider. A drop of its venom can easily kill a human.

7. They have blue blood: Spiders have blue blood, unlike us humans. This is because their blood contains hemocyanin, a compound that contains copper instead of iron, which gives the blood a blue color.

While spiders are mostly a nuisance in your home, it’s spider mites that you need to look out for. If you are having this problem, get in touch with us, so our professionals can help you find a solution that works.