Probably one of the more time-consuming and annoying bug infestations to deal with in our homes are bed bugs. Imagine trying to sleep your stresses away, and there they are, bed bugs! Since this type of bug needs a relatively balmy environment, houses are the perfect breeding place for their kind.

Bed bugs aren’t only found in beds! That’s a common misconception. Since they have the ability to thrive in any space of the home, here are some helpful hints to help you prevent such pests from infesting your house.


Consult Experts
The best thing to do to fight these bugs is to arm yourself with knowledge and the proper equipment. If you have little to no conception on how to battle these bed bugs, it is useful to consult a pest control company to survey and get rid of the bugs. A reputable business can assure you that the bugs will not come back anytime soon!

Cover All Holes

A precaution one could take is to cover the all of the holes around your house, even including power outlets. This will allow you to prevent the bugs from entering and multiplying in your home. If you have extension outlets, you may want to consider covering those too, if they are not in active use. There are a variety of different types of outlet covers sold to help assist with this option.


Read the Signs

Learn to read the signs indicating bed bugs are already thriving in your home. For example, mosquito bites and bed bug bites appear differently. Bed bug bites typically have multiple red marks appearing in a row instead of one clump like mosquito bites.

Do a General Cleaning

The dark, messy corners of your home can be a breeding place for bugs. Thus, you will need to declutter your house in order to dissuade any opportunity for to bugs to breed. It also would help to properly dispose of your trash on a consistent schedule.


Replace Bed Sheets

If the time comes that the bed bugs have inhabited your bed mattress, be sure to regularly replace your bed sheets. Continue to inspect if these bugs are coming back and then if they do, replace the sheets immediately. Always prevent these bugs from having contact with your bodies to prevent any risk or harm. If it continues, you may want to ultimately consider throwing out the mattress.


Bugs are tricky to find because they commonly hide in narrow and dark places of the house. Therefore, it is important to have a holistic understanding to prevent an infestation of these pests. Have you experienced this? Share with us and others dealing with this situation in the comments down below.