As Halloween is approaching, you might notice the shelves of Target are like your house – seemingly stocked with spiders and spider webs. As the cold approaches, the spiders move in! Spiders stay near our homes because of the warm retreat they feel. Not only are they are getting ready for the winter ahead, but it’s also mating season!

Here are the 3 most common types of spiders you might see this fall:

The Funnel Web Spider: Funnel weaver spiders (Agelenidae) This type of spider is the most common. We will find in our homes and they are particularly present during late summer and early fall. Don’t worry! Funnel web spiders are harmless. Their appearance is often misstaken them for a brown recluse. The funnel weaver just produces dense mats of silk on shrubs, thick grass, and in the corners of your home.



The Long Legged Sac Spider: Yellow sac spiders (Miturgidae)This specific sac spider is an active hunter. It is usually pale in color and can be found wandering in your home at night. Sac spiders spend daylight hours in a flattened silken sac, which they create in a room’s upper corner, or in wall cracks.




Banded Garden Spider (Araneidae) Banded Garden Spiders are the largest and most striking of the orb weaving spider type. Just like the Funnel Weavers, Banded Garden Spiders are found in the late summer and early fall in gardens, specifically on shrubs where they usually make a highly symmetrical orb web. Male spiders of this type are smaller than those of females. Keep in mind, Banded Garden Spiders are also harmless.



What spiders are you seeing in your home this fall? Take a picture and share it with us #daytonpestdoc!! If you’d like to rid your home of pesky spiders, contact us today!