Termite activity can be very high at this time of year. This is why it is essential for you to understand when this activity is taking place. To avoid a termite infestation you must partake in careful observation, prevention, and maintenance.

Now, what are the signs one may be suffering from a multiplication of termites in their homes?

Wood Damage

One of the most evident signs to help gauge the extent of your possible termite infestation is the damage done to the wooden parts of your home. This is because termites generally consume wood for the cellulose. What you need to do, is inspect these parts of your house for any possible damage. It may not be obvious on the surface, but once you observe the wood more closely you can immediately notice if damage has been done. If it is brittle to the touch, that means that the termites have already eaten the inside of the wood, and you may be in trouble, as Carpenter Ants tend to dig out the wood for nesting.

Paint Holes

The same damage one sees when a water leak occurs can also be seen with a termite infestation. When termites thrive, you may see swollen paint or paint chips on your floors and walls. Pro tip: do not discount these signs, however small they may seem, since the damage cannot be gauged based on the face value of the chipped paint.

Termite Frass

Termites typically leave behind a lot of feces, called frass, around the house. The presence of frass is one of the bigger indicators that termites have already invaded your home. This is not only excrement, but a building block for their tunnels, or tubes, currently being formed around your house. If you are seeing a large amount of frass in your home, it might be a sign that there is also an infestation.

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